UPDATE: Committee Meeting Notes for March 18, 2019


The County Planner reminded the Committee that their sole task at present is to recommend to the County's Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) if it should or should not go forward with the land use planning process. Here's the sequence.


·     The Area Advisory Committee has the Habitation Community Survey which showed 83% support for land use planning in that community and has spoken to other Granville Road residents. In addition, it is planning an “open house” in May to meet with residents and answer their questions before they make their recommendation to the PAC.


·     If the Area Advisory Committee recommends to go forward as it appears they will, the PAC will hold public consultations in the community and from that input it recommends to Council whether or not to continue the process.


·     If the PAC does recommend to go forward and Council approves, then the drafting of the Municipal Planning Strategy/Land Use Bylaw begins. This is a lengthy process which includes numerous opportunities for everyone to be heard.


·     Once the draft MPS/LUB is completed, there will be further opportunity for public input. If Council approves, these are sent to the Province for final approval.


The confusion many people have between land use planning and zoning was discussed. Zoning is a tool for land use planning so residents can determine what land uses they want and where they want them in their neighbourhood such as in residential and agricultural zones. Incorrectly, many people think that our zoning will be like a town such as Annapolis Royal or even the Village of Granville Ferry. It won't. Zoning for a rural area like ours would be quite different and we're the ones who will determine it.

The Committee's next meeting is scheduled for the third week of April.


We wanted to clarify that the land use planning process described above are under the current regulations.


As we told you last October, Bill 58 which is land use planning amendments to the Municipal Government Act (MGA), had received Royal Assent and is a law, but is not yet enacted. Only when the new procedures and regulations are completed by the Department of Municipal Services, reviewed by all Nova Scotia municipalities and approved by the Minister will it be enacted. At that time, all municipalities will be required to have municipal planning strategies and land use bylaws/zoning throughout their entire jurisdiction.

To our best knowledge, this should be enacted this year. However, even when it is, municipalities will be given reasonable time to meet the requirements. We will continue to closely monitor the process and keep you advised and assist as requested. The current process does provide much citizen input which will continue under the new process.