What is Zoning?

Letter to the Editor, Annapolis Valley Register, October 19, 2017 

by Wayne Currie & Karen Tomasino, Granville Beach


On Sept 12th a group of concerned citizens made a presentation to the Committee of the Whole of the Municipality of Annapolis County to ask council to commence the process for Land Use Planning (Zoning) for the area on Granville Road commencing at the Causeway in Annapolis Royal and extending to the Schafner Point Lighthouse.


As a result, Council called a public meeting in Port Royal on October 11th to discuss the issue. Because the area in question straddles two districts, citizens of District 4 and 5 were invited.


The meeting was a success because everyone, either for or against Zoning, had the opportunity to express their opinion.   However, we believe there was some misunderstanding as to what Zoning is. Zoning is not about preventing growth in a specified area.  Zoning is not anti-economic or anti-industrial development.   Zoning doesn’t mean that agricultural and fishing businesses or any small business activity, which is presently in the specified area, cannot carry on.


Those who support zoning realize that to be a vibrant county, we need jobs that come with economic and industrial development and we want young people to have the opportunity to stay here, have those jobs and raise families in one of the most beautiful areas of Canada.  Zoning means that economic and industrial development is done with proper planning and forethought and will ensure that whatever development takes place, is area appropriate.  


There are business parks in the county for industrial development. Allowing inappropriate industry in agricultural, suburban, historical significant and cultural significant areas is not the way ahead.  


If the county decides to move forward with Zoning in the specified area, or any other area, all citizens, through public advisory meetings, will have an input to decide which areas in the county are appropriate for industrial development or any other activity.